We offer classes and to assist you in your transformative journey to health and happiness.

Essential Meditation

Essential Meditation combines two ancient and powerful healing practices. Essential oils from plants and meditation, used throughout history to awaken your innate healing powers. Come experience the power of both in a quiet, peaceful, group setting. While Essential Oils are diffused in the air, we will learn and practice easy meditation techniques for both the beginner and experienced meditator. The majority of the time will be spent in silence and stillness. Everyone is welcome regardless of beliefs or experience. There will be no chanting, praying or physical contact during the meditation. Each participant is encouraged to discover his/her own meditation journey through the aid and accompaniment of fellow meditators.


Some of the benefits of both meditation and essential oils are: Stress reduction, improved immune system, and general happiness and wellbeing.


Nutrition and Essential Oil Class

The primary cause of most health issues today are from stress, poor nutrition, inflammation, toxicity, and exposure to pathogenic microbes. Fortunately there are essential oils and supplements that contain the proper building blocks required to maintain a healthy body that we are so blessed to have access to. Please bring your friends and family along for the ride while we explore how to successfully get the nutrition we need to function our best in our daily lives, and how to use essential oils to combat many adverse health conditions. The cost of the class is an average donation of $10 which covers materials, oils, handouts, and space to teach classes that empower us to heal ourselves thereby creating a better world to live in. 

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I had this severe pain in my upper back for months….gone.  Alice Ray, you applied the perfect pressure to all my knots without making me want to cry. Best massage ever!  Thank u.   Gary M. Orem UT

My achilles tendon became excruciatingly painful during my routine workouts, so I came to Alice for assistance. She always has the perfect remedy for my issues. I compete in triathlons and marathons, and she has kept me in top shape. American Fork UT.

I get a weekly massage from Alice at Pleasant Grove Massage going on 5 yrs. now. Sometimes going in I hurt so bad from my fibromyalgia but leaving after the magic Alice does with her Cupping, Massage and Essential oils I feel like I could golf 36 holes of golf and never ache. I just love her personal care that she gives me. I recommend anyone reading this to just try once and you will keep going back for your better health. Thank you Alice for your care. Judy G. Orem UT.


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