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Our licensed therapist is prepared to serve you, using her unique gifts and skills, with love and compassion. 

Alice Ray, LMT

Alice Ray graduated with her AAS degree in Therapeutic Massage Technology in 2004 from Provo College. Consistently delivering the perfect tailored massage for you every time will leave  you rejuvenated like never before. She has a passion to inspire and encourage you to make powerful and positive choices that will bring joy and health to your life.

Qigong massage, Acupressure, Trigger point, Cupping Therapy, Reflexology, Gua Sha, Tui Na, Swedish, Sports massage, Injury rehabilitation, PNF, Bio Alignment Technique, Structural Integration, Biofeedback, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Spiritual Energy Balancing, Theta Healing, AromaTouch Technique, Raindrop Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Emotional Processing, Electronic Acupunture, Touch for Health, Polarity Therapy, Far infrared and light therapy, Aromatherapy.

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