Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is phenomenal at speeding the healing process of chronic conditions and injuries. The suction cups pull fresh blood containing life giving nutrients to cells and assisting the removal of toxins from within the tissues to move out to the skin, which is the largest eliminatory organ on the body. The suction cups leave marks on the skin, from pink to purple. The darker the mark, the more chronic the toxicity in the area. Cupping is great for tense, painful, and overworked muscles. Cupping increasing Range-of-Motion and assists the healing process of injuries both old and new,


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Vital Transformations 890 N 300 E Pleasant Grove UT

I had this severe pain in my upper back for months….gone.  Alice Ray, you applied the perfect pressure to all my knots without making me want to cry. Best massage ever!  Thank u.   Gary M. Orem UT

My achilles tendon became excruciatingly painful during my routine workouts, so I came to Alice for assistance. She always has the perfect remedy for my issues. I compete in triathlons and marathons, and she has kept me in top shape. American Fork UT.

I get a weekly massage from Alice at Pleasant Grove Massage going on 5 yrs. now. Sometimes going in I hurt so bad from my fibromyalgia but leaving after the magic Alice does with her Cupping, Massage and Essential oils I feel like I could golf 36 holes of golf and never ache. I just love her personal care that she gives me. I recommend anyone reading this to just try once and you will keep going back for your better health. Thank you Alice for your care. Judy G. Orem UT.


Serving the Utah County area, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Orem, Lindon, Highland, Cedar Hills